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Take control of your unconscious and you will take control of your life

What is Hypnosis and How can it help?


First and foremost, hypnosis is a relaxed state of focus where your mind can take on suggestions in order to learn new behaviors and beliefs. This happens by forming new neural connections in trance similar to as going to sleep does.


Think of your beliefs about who you are as a set of filters that have helped you or hindered you as you grew up. Even negative patterns, while feeling extremely real and unchanging, have helped you to survive at certain points in your life. These feelings are just filters of your interpretation of reality and not indicative of reality itself. 


Hypnosis is extremely useful in this area as it helps you to change or delete less than useful filters, and helps you to install more useful ones.


About Me

Hi, I'm James Stephen. I am a certified in hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming otherwise known as NLP. 


Focusing on a combination of hypnosis and NLP to help clients overcome limiting ideas about themselves, I provide the tools needed to overcome their pasts, heal, and thrive in the future.


With the help of NLP, hypnosis, and self-directed neuroplasticity, I was able to conquer the unconquerable and if I can do it so can you!

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What I specialize in

What I specialize in

Persistent Negative Thinking and Low Self-Esteem.

Using hypnosis and self-directed neuroplasticity exercises we can rewire the brain to overcome intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk. I love to give my clients new and effective ways to cope with depression so that it doesn't come back!

Moving on from
the past
Grief  and Moving On

No matter your background or how rough your past has been you can become the person that you've always want to be!

I will teach you how you can move on from your past towards the future you want!

Loss can make us feel like we can't move on and we're stuck constantly thinking about it on a loop forever. Using hypnosis we can tell the unconscious mind to let go of these stuck emotions and move on.

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